Do you own a business? Do you have plans of starting one soon? Have you been wondering if you really need a website for your business? Here are five reasons why you should get a website right away.

When you start a business, your primary aim is to make profits. You, therefore, create a product or a service that you deliver to your customers at a suitable price. This is not always easy because you need to be able to communicate your business to your customers. The business also has to attract new customers.

A website will allow your business to inform customers and the general public about the following aspects of your business:

  • The location of your business. Do you have branches? How can a customer visit the business premises?
  • The products and services that your business provides. This includes a detailed description of each product or service and the benefits that customers stand to enjoy from purchasing them.
  • The amounts you charge on your products or services and the available means of payment. Do you offer credit sales? Do you accept cash only, or mobile payments?

A website will avail this information to an unlimited audience. A website can be accessed by your existing customers, prospective customers within your locality, country, and even people from other countries in other parts of the world.


The internet has redefined how business is carried out. Consider this, a few years ago, you had to travel to a physical business location to find out more about the business, view the products, and pricing, and access any other relevant information. Nowadays all you have to do is visit their website from the comfort of your house and you can know all that there is to know. Isn’t that amazing?

E-commerce websites allow customers to pay for products online and have them shipped to the customer’s address. Educational institutions offer online courses where students can register, attend virtual classes, sit for examinations, graduate, and receive their certificates remotely. The possibilities are limitless.

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Let’s face it; marketing is often a costly undertaking for businesses. It can especially be a burden on start-ups. It is however crucial for every business that wants to grow to market its products. The internet has made it easier to advertise your business to a global audience and at a fraction of the cost you would pay on traditional media like newspapers, T.V, and radio.

Internet advertising companies provide flexible marketing plans for businesses. Companies like Google and Facebook provide plans for as low as $1. This can be customized to suit the client’s budget. They then generate leads and create high internet traffic for the business.

Alternatively, a business can invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You may ask, how does SEO work? There are millions of people who need the products and services that your business provides. However, these people are not aware that you have a business that sells exactly what they need. Every day, these people will search for products on search engines like Google and Bing.

SEO makes your products and services appear on top of the search results whenever someone enters a keyword that describes what your business offers. When these people click on your website link, they become prospective customers.


Today, almost every business has a website or plans of making an online presence soon. This is true for almost every sector of the economy. Businesses have discovered the countless benefits a website provides. It has reached a point where having a website is a measure of credibility. Customers and investors will have more confidence in a business that has a proper website.

To stay abreast with competition, you will have to get one too. Your website might be the factor that gives you a competitive advantage in the market you serve. It should be beautifully designed, mobile responsive, secure, and available at all times.


When you build a concrete house, you expect it to serve you for a long time. This is true for brick-and-mortar businesses. Modifying the business becomes expensive and might require a complete overhaul of the existing structures to be effective. With a website, there are no boundaries. The business is able to adapt to changes in its environment rapidly and with minimal shortcomings.

A business can introduce new products, change its marketing strategy, and adopt new payment plans, all without halting operations. All it requires is the modification of the lines of code and relevant website media.


Acquiring and maintaining a website is very affordable. The first thing you need is a domain name. There are several options available, like .com .org .net .edu e.t.c. The domain is coupled with the name of the business to generate a link that users will use to access your websites. A good example is ortiz.co.ke. Domain names are very affordable, starting from as low as 10 USD.

After this, the website will have to be developed and then hosted to be available on the world wide web. Development costs are flexible, depending on the size of the business. Once the website is online, it needs little maintenance. Hosting plans provide data backup to protect against losses. Any security patches, bug fixes, or regular maintenance can be handled by the developer at low rates.

All these costs can be afforded by almost every business including start-ups and SMEs. The money that is saved can be invested in other sectors.

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