Businesses are embracing the internet as a marketplace for their products and services like never before. An E-commerce website is an online shop where customers can view and order products/services. The website will have pictures of the product, quantity, prices,  product description, shipping, and delivery methods. This type of website will provide a means of payment that buyers can use during checkout. The seller can provide product shipping to the address of the buyer using their own means, or by partnering with shipping firms. More and more businesses are taking their shops online due to the many benefits it comes with, including low running costs. E-commerce stores are also capable of reaching more customers than brick-and-mortar stores.


Every company/business needs a website that displays information about them. From company name, company logo, company’s range of products and services, company address and contact details, client testimonials, and any other important company information. A corporate site can be made up of a single web page or just a few web pages.


In recent years, there has been a big increase in the number of blog sites. A blog can be built for personal use or for corporate use. Individuals use blogs to write about their personal lives, ideas, and thoughts, experiences and share these with the rest of the world. The use of blogs is unlimited and is not limited to these examples. Nowadays, blogs do not have to exist as standalone websites, several businesses will add blog pages to their already existing E-commerce stores or corporate sites. Businesses will run blogs to draw attention to their products & services, events, or to create public awareness on certain issues.


Apart from search engines, these are probably the most visited type of websites. Today, almost everyone has a social media account on at least one social website. The most popular social websites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A social site enables its users to interact with one another by enabling them to share messages, images and videos, and other graphical content. Due to the huge number of users using social sites, they have transformed into a thriving marketplace for businesses to market their products and interact with customers and staff. It is very crucial for every business to establish a social media presence.


This is a type of website that professionals use to showcase their finest pieces of work and completed projects. This is not limited to any field. It could be for a web designer, an artist, a construction company, or literally any business. The website will act as a publicly available profile where prospective employers or customers can view the skill set of a person or company, and thereafter evaluate their suitability for the task at hand before entering into business with them.


These are websites for organizations that are not set up to make profits and therefore have no business or political interests. These organizations are mostly local/international humanitarian bodies. NGO websites could fall under corporate sites. However, they fall in their own special category because of the reasons they are set up for. While businesses are starting to make a profit, NGOs are mostly set up to provide services that are aimed at improving the livelihoods of animals and vulnerable human communities, all without expecting any financial gains. NGOs heavily rely on donor funding, and they can use the internet as an avenue for requesting donations via their website. The website can also display how they spend their finances, for purposes of accountability and to build donor confidence.


Education institutions set up websites to offer online courses for learners. The learners are able to access a variety of learning materials, attend online classes and even sit for online exams. Education institutions use educational websites for long-distance learning for students. Individuals and businesses can also offer online education to educate customers or train employees.


This is a type of website that provides recreational information. This could be in the form of sports updates, music and video feed, hangout spots, travel destinations, celebrity news, updates, or any topic that will entertain users.


A web portal is a type of website used by educational institutions, organizations, or government departments to carry out internal operations. A portal could be created for the employees of an organization or for students of a school. The portal will have a dashboard where users can access the basic functions of the system from a central point and receive responses from the provider upon interacting with the features provided. For example, in educational institutions, a student portal could enable registered students to query and access their registration status, academic progress, fess status, disciplinary record, and literally any other aspect of their membership of the institution.


Nowadays people will similar interests from all over the world can have virtual platforms where they can share thoughts, discuss topics of choice and find solutions to common problems. The type of website that provides this type of platform is called a forum.


Directory websites act as online repositories for information on specific topics. A directory website will have a well-structured database that outputs information to meet the search parameters as input by a front-end user. An example will be a property listing website. The website will have a search area where users enter the specific type of property they need, and the website will filter and display the results that best match the query.


This category is for websites that are impossible to group in any particular category because they hold multiple features on the same site. Nowadays, businesses will combine several features in a single site and are therefore hard to classify based on function. The content could be provided under the same domain, under a sub-domain, or a sub-folder. This type of website is emerging to suit individual and organizational needs. For example, a business will have a blog and an e-commerce store on its corporate website instead of building three separate websites for each function. The possibilities are unlimited.

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